Kotoha London Product Review

Kotoha London is a UK brand who specialise in making products inspired by the far east using ingredients such as Shoyaku which is an oriental herb which has amazing results on skin and hair, along with an advice beauty service they can advise on skincare, haircare and makeup application.

Free from Parabens, artificial perfumes, SLS and colourants you know that these products will suit even the most sensitive skin and will look after you year after year, effective but gentle products I can see Kotoha London becoming a more well known brand as more people discover this brand.

Welcome to Kotoha London

Tubaki & Argan Shampoo 250ml £15.00 – This shampoo ingredients are Tubaki (Camellia) oil and Argan oil with a little seaweed for healthy hair growth, being a sulphate free shampoo means it will be gentle and will give your hair a natural shine. I have really enjoyed using this shampoo which does not feel drying and you can feel the nourished hair as you lather it up leaving it soft.

The shampoo rinses out really well and despite me having blonde hair this does not dull my hair at all. A 250ml bottle is £15.00 which for a herbal shampoo with no bad ingredients is a really good price compared to other brands who charge more.

Tubaki & Argan Conditioner 250ml £15.00 – Packed with the same ingredients for the same price as the shampoo this conditioner is perfect for detangling hair and leaving you with lots of shine, I used the same amount of conditioner as I did the shampoo which is just a little more then a 50p sized amount and this conditioner works wonders with your hair.

Not only does it smell amazing but my hair was so soft afterwards and being blonde your hair can look dark or orange at times but this left my hair light bright and shiny. I used the shampoo & conditioner for 3 weeks and was wowed by the results so much that I will be looking at purchasing some more for myself.

Anti-Ageing Cream 50ml £45.00 – I have noticed results using this cream so far…my under eyes do look brighter which is good, friends say I look more awake (is that a compliment? lol)…I will continue to use this morning and night and update you on any more changes. This cream is a nice consistency being not to thick or runny and you only need to use a small amount which is easy to do as it is a pump action bottle.

The ingredients used are ginseng extract, CoEnzymeQ10, Kukui nut oil which contains Vitamin A and C…along with pomegranate oil, hemp oil and rosehip oil so you know your skin will be well looked after. The cream rubs into your skin well and softens as well as making your good skin look good after a week or 2 you will notice the difference…I used this around my eyes and forehead.

Brightening Serum 50ml £35.00 The serum soaks in well to your skin leaving no sticky residue, I used this on my cheeks, chin/mouth area and nose…I noticed my cheeks were brighter with more of a glow and my mouth area was a lot brighter (I have skin pigmentation & freckles) also with around my nose not being as much difference though.

Containing the Shoyaku herb which is effective on skin pigmentation and freckles I was really hoping this would work..while I love my freckles I have a large freckle above my top lip which can look like I have a moustache along with dark pigmentation in the corners of my mouth. I can say that while the freckles are still very much apparent the dark patches are lighter which is amazing! This serum also contains the amazing moringa oil which will make your skin soft as well as keeping acne at bay.

I have very much enjoyed using these products so thank you to Kotoha London for sending me these to try…I will be making some purchases for myself and if you would like to try these too then you can use my discount code littlemissbeautybox which is valid till 31st July for 10% off the products….you can visit the shop here KOTOHA LONDON

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