The Levin Brothers Select A Scent – Luxury Candles Without The Price Tag

I came across The Levin Brothers Select A Scent candles on Instagram and became intrigued…the look and style of the candle and the box screams luxury but the prices are amazing! I jumped at the chance to review a candle to see how fragrant the scent is. The candles are priced at £14.99 with free delivery, their shop also contains reed diffusers at £19.99 and you can purchase a little pot of wax for £4.99 to try out a scent before you fully commit which is an excellent idea.

The candles are made using natural soy wax with a burning time of up to 50 hours! these 200g candles are neatly packaged with a mini leaflet that describes your chosen candle scent. Using only the best essential oils for fragrance means a good scent throw to keep your home smelling amazing.

I was sent an apple strudel flavour to try which is described as a delicious sweet apple, with rich accord of spicy cinnamon, with hints of nutmeg, vanilla and sugar pastry. Apple strudel for me brings back fond memories as a child with my mum baking this as a pudding and the scent of warm apple and pastry is amazing…mouthwatering.

What I thought of the apple strudel candle:

I couldn’t wait to get this candle lit…before I even opened the box you could smell a light scent of apple strudel but one you open the jar it is an overpowering amazing scent that smells exactly like the warm apple strudel pastry. Once lit around 30 mins later the candle had scented out my whole living room…after 1 hour the whole downstairs of my house smelt like I was cooking apple strudel in the oven!. The first burn was 2.5 hours long then I trimmed the wick slightly with the following day burning for 4 hours, this candle really does last a long time as I have had it lit daily all week…I cannot get enough.

You may have noticed the candle looks like a luxury Jo Malone type, this has an amazing scent throw similar to them but with completely different scents. I have had many Jo Malone candles and this Select A Scent candle definitely kept up with a luxury brand but using their own scents which I love.

If you check out The Levin Brothers shop other candle scents are cola bottles, chocolate orange, french lavender, fresh cotton and many more…with free shipping on all orders how can you resist not trying a new candle, I know I will be making a few purchases myself. Using my discount code beauty you will receive 20% off your order…so get choosing what fragrances you like 🙂

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