Hi I’m Hanna

I have a love for all things pretty in my life so I wanted to create a beauty blog originally to review beauty boxes that I received so people could have an unbiased review on the boxes. This quickly spiralled to beauty and lifestyle items that I love and need in my life and I wanted to share, as I was excited about the products as much as the companies who make them!

So a bit about the actual me…Currently a part time law student at the open university and a mother of 2 children who I am taxi for but wouldn’t have it any other way.
I am a candle & wax melts hoarder and have 2 shelves full of all sorts of flavours and scents, along with some gorgeous wax burners, so you will see a few candle/wax melts posts. I’m a huge dog lover, my border collie Ollie (didn’t notice the Ollie/collie till after I named him!) takes up a lot of my time as we compete a lot of weekends in flyball and train during the week.

This is my little world of talking about everything I love and I hope you enjoy my blog.