Mrs Christmas “Happy Post” – December 2016

Mrs Christmas has a fantastic subscription box called happy post which is an amazing box of treats through your letterbox, for £12 a month inc p&p you will receive 6 surprise items. Each month there is a theme such as enchanted and sparkle, this month is Christmas.

If you are not sure about committing to a subscription which you can cancel at any time, they sell one off boxes that you can try. Be warned though that this is very popular and boxes do sell out very quickly.

So what is inside the December Box



 Penguin Christmas Socks – Cute penguin socks is just what you need for the festive period, very cute, warm and they fit perfect. These are a ladies size 4-7 so fit most feet, I personally love Christmas socks and these fit the bill. Verdict 9/10.


Personalised Christmas Tree Decoration – Personalised items in a box is a huge winner for me as it shows the personal touch to amazing items. This reindeer has pride of place on my Christmas tree and really adds that handmade feel to the tree. Verdict 10/10.


Gingerbread Wax Melts – Iam a huge wax melts lover and to have some more is a great…especially when they smell of gingerbread. These melt and scent out your whole room with a gorgeous scent perfect for Christmas, it really smells like your baking with ginger. Verdict 8/10.


2 Candy Canes – It isn’t Christmas without candy canes, they are currently hanging on my mini Christmas tree waiting to be eaten nearer the time, but for now I love them as decorations. packaged in a cute little sack really keeps the festive feel. Verdict 8/10.


Salted Caramel Chocolate – I was surprised at the size of this chocolate bar, quite a large bar of salted caramel which is one of my favourite flavours this year! The chocolate of course has been half eaten and tastes amazing with quite a strong flavour which is good. Verdict 9/10.


3 Bronze Tree Decorations – My mini Christmas tree has the bronze theme so these were perfect to add to my collection, they are sturdy metal decorations that will last you for years. I love the patterns on each one, you receive a heart, star and tree. Verdict 9/10.


Merry Christmas Hanging Sign – I needed some more Christmas decorations and this is a fantastic item in the box, you simply screw in the mini screws to each letter and thread through the string for a hanging sign, the picture below is how i hung mine, i chose the kitchen under the cupboards as this often gets neglected when putting up decorations. Verdict 10/10.



I would highly recommend trying out this fantastic subscription, they work 6-8 weeks ahead so start subscribing now for the new year. You can check out the website Mrs Christmas and pre order your January box which is themed inspirational.

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