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Scent Circus are a handmade soy wax melt company that create some unique amazing melts like Unicorn Poop, Skinny Dippin and ice fairy. They have also created bourbon biscuits and custard cream melts too, but not only do they look good but they smell amazing too while being eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free.

They have recently started a box of wax melts called the big top box, every month is a themed box of 6 wax melts. Last month was fright night because of halloween but this month is super gorgeous. You will also receive a coupon that comes with every order and once you have collected 10 of these you get a free melt box.

What is inside the magic of Disney box


The Forbidden Rose – Beautiful belle printed wax melt with a scent of rose, cassis, violet and vanilla.

I love Minnie – Gorgeous pink Minnie has the fizzy love heart sweets scent.

Wish Upon A Star – This amazing double star with printed words melt has to be my favourite! Soft fruits, hot spice and glowing embers.

Dreaming Of Disney – Pretty Disney castle melt has the cotton candy scent with a touch of strawberries, lemon frosting, jasmine and violet.

Fit For A Princess – The lovely pink Disney princess melt in the perfect scent for her powder puff.

Treasures Untold – The little mermaid melt has a scent of cool sea spray with lime, melon, pine and cedarwood.


This box blew me away with how pretty the melts are but they also smell exactly as described on the info sheet that comes with the melts. If you want to see their melts or buy a box you can see the website HERE

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