Little Known Box – October 2016

Little Known Box is still a relatively new subscription service that includes ethically sourced products in their boxes. They launched in May this year and offer full size products with some sample sized products to try for £14.95 inc p&p, you can also purchase a one off box or pre-pay for 3, 6, 12 months.

This October box is a special edition to celebrate their 6 month anniversary which contains fantastic easy to use products that will have you ready to go out in no time. With offer codes in the edit to buy more of the products that are in the box makes this a great value box, well thought out and brilliant customer service.

What is inside the September box:



Lin & Lo Satin Lipstick, Full Size – A gorgeous peachy nude colour lippy that just glides on leaving a gorgeous satin shiny finish. I suffer in winter from dry lips but this is so soft and nourishing that they don’t feel dry at all which is fab. This lipstick contains shea butter and is rich in minerals, this is why its a gorgeous soft and easy to apply lippy, i would highly recommend trying their lipsticks. Verdict 9/10.


Samaya Ayuerveda Anti-Ageing Cream, 3 x 5ml Size – I have used these a little and its a lovely cream to apply, its too early to see any effects of this but i will be purchasing a full size of this at some point as i love that it glides on and soaks in easily. There was 3 different types of cream so you could see which one was best for you, because the pots were small i didn’t see a huge difference on my skin between these so i will look into each cream before buying more. Verdict 7/10.


Dinkibelle Nail Wrap Gift Set, Full Size – Love love love nail wraps and these dinkibelle wraps are super cute while being non-toxic, with such a range of patterns and colours to choose from too. I have been wearing mine for a week and only now have i had a couple of small chips, normally for me nail wraps last 5/6 days but these are still going strong! I will be dinkibelles best customer from now on 🙂 Verdict 10/10.


Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm, 25ml Size – What a great product that works so well, just in time for halloween as well! I used this to melt my scary zombie makeup off and wow it works on even the darkest of makeup while leaving my skin so soft. With almond oil and omega 3, 6 & 9 this will work wonders on any face even if you have sensitive skin. This left me with a gorgeous rosy cheek glow. Verdict 9/10.


The Herb Garden massage Bar, Travel Size – I suffer from a bad back so any aromatherapy oil massage bar helps me, using this after a bath will leave your skin so soft and smelling gorgeous too. Perfect for winter skin nourishment, oils play a huge part in preparing your skin while its dried out from winter and central heating. This contains nuts so be careful if you have an allergy to them. Verdict 8/10.



Fab Little Bag, 1 Bag – I have had these before, they are a great idea for any handbag to simply pop your tampons inside when your at places without a bin. These are environmentally friendly and practical. Verdict 8/10.


Merumaya Iconic Youth serum, 1 sachet – this was enough for one application, this serum felt so silky soft on my face with a lovely scent, i will be looking into this more. Anti-ageing products are great to apply after you have cleansed, they really help with lines. Verdict 5/10 not enough to fully try this out.


Little Known Box Quote Mirror, Full Size – i love seeing this in the box and even better that it is designed by the box team, such a lovely positive quote to carry in my handbag. Every girl needs a compact mirror like this in her life. Verdict 10/10.


Little Known box has created a good 6 month anniversary box for their customers, i have enjoyed trying new brands and products from this box.

If you would like to try a subscription you can sign up HERE using my exclusive discount code LITTLEMISS15 which will get you 15% off your first box and on the first box of the 3, 6 month subscriptions till the 31st December.



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