How To Make A Halloween Flower Pumpkin

Hello everyone,

i thought i would write a lifestyle post which is a bit different from my normal beauty reviews as i would like to branch out from time to time and i thought this is something you may all want to see…hopefully 🙂

I love flower displays and i recently went to a lovely pumpkin farm and saw some gorgeous pumpkin flower displays so i decided to make 2, one for me and one for my future mother in I’m not trying to suck up honest!! This post contains lots of gorgeous pictures and less writing so you can all try this at home using pics to guide you more. These flower displays are also low maintenance with a little water every couple of days and thats it!


Step 1: First of all you need large or medium pumpkins (i brought mine in Tesco for £2, but there is sales right now) like this one pictured below and whatever sized pot to go inside of your choice, but don’t choose one thats too small, i have chose 2 different sized pots to show you how the flower displays will vary afterwards. DO NOT choose pots with holes in the bottom as this will leak into your pumpkin…not very nice.



Step 2: Now the fun starts, you need to place the pot on top of your pumpkin and CAREFULLY cut around it using a pumpkin carving knife. Hollow out the pumpkin using a big spoon…this can take a while! depending on how big your pumpkin is. You may need to trim a little from around the edge but then the pot should fit tightly into the pumpkin.




Step 3: I found out when i went to my local florist and asked for a green sponge block to stick flowers in and keep them watered…is actually called an oasis block, so you guys can look like you know what your on about when you pop in to your florist to grab one, they are £1. This block can be cut easily with a knife and i had to halve one block to be able to fit it into the pot like this…




Step 4: While in the florist you need to choose some autumnal coloured flowers, i chose some big headed flowers like the sunflower and daisy but you will need lots of little flowers to pack out the pumpkin and to hide the hole and pot. I had a budget as it didn’t want it to cost a lot, so my 2 bunches of flowers were £6 each which is really good value. You will have to cut the stems to make them shorter, i started by cutting one flower and placing it inside to see the height and then cut the other stems to a similar height. You also need to soak the block before you place the flowers in.




Step 5: Im not a florist but just go with your own flow of where to place the flowers, we all have our own idea of what is pretty so just place these, i found it easier to arrange the flowers into the block outside of the pumpkin and then to place the flowers and block inside once finished. i have pictured the smaller pot to show the sizes so you know wether you would like a large pot or a smaller one.







You can see the size differences of the flowers in the pumpkins so it will help you know what you would prefer to make for your home. I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it has inspired you to make your own.

The whole cost of these pumpkins was £9 each for a gorgeous display that not everybody has, something a little different. If you decide to make one then please tag me in photos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as i would love to see your pics.

Thanks for reading



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