Liquid Health Update + Final Results

I was given this to review, i have been wanting to try something like this for a while after seeing some great results from others, i am always a bit skeptical with supplements so decided to try for myself, I will be giving a week by week honest review of my thoughts and any improvements i have seen.

Liquid Health is 10 X 50ml bottles of supplement designed to help improve your hair, skin & nails. You are meant to drink one bottle a day and the product contains ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals, all of these help to improve hair and nail growth.


Lets put this to the test:

Their website recommends that you drink “one 50ml bottle per day. We recommend taking LQ daily for at least 1 month and for 2-3 months for best results.The formulation is intended to be a blend of skin, hair and nails vitamins which support from within. From then on you can continue every day or to maintain the results and benefits you could reduce to taking 3-4 bottles per week”.


Week One:

I haven’t noticed any signs of nail or hair improvement but it has only been a week, my skin seems to have less spots around the time of the month though so hoping it down to me taking Liquid Health. The drink has a slight after taste that i don’t like but its not bad, the drink looks and tastes like a tropical fruit drink so perfect to start your mornings with one. I have it in the mornings to get into a habit of remembering to take it everyday, i am not taking any other supplements with this, i eat my normal diet and have just added the Liquid Health.

Week Two:

No sign of hair improvement yet but skin is looking better, i have less spots and more glowing skin and my friends have even commented on my better complexion. Overall i personally think i look a lot less dull in the face so this is great results skin wise so far. My nails are looking slightly better condition, they are still short but they feel harder then they did before so another positive with this too.

Week Three:

 Nails are improving, gone are the brittle breaks that i alway get…nails are still short but they feel stronger as is the condition of my hair too which is great as i have coloured hair. My face has a nice glow colour to my cheeks where as before i had dull looking skin, i feel healthier and more alert in myself. I have got into the habit of having this every morning with breakfast still, i have it as my morning tropical juice drink.

Week Four:

Nails are harder and still short but they feel thick and less brittle which is what i was hoping for, less white bits on my nails too which i don’t know if this is down to the supplements. My hair is shiny and glossy, i have kept to the same shampoo and conditioner and its definitely soft and shiny. My skin is still glowy which is great, i have a few spots this month more so then i have previous months though.



Final Results: 

I would recommend trying these supplements out, for me i have seen a huge difference in my nails which was my biggest goal, i would love long nails that are hard and won’t break. My hair is still shiny and soft which i love especially as its bleached hair, its too soon to see wether this will help my hair grow longer or not but for now the condition is much better. Skin wise i still have a few spots and some weeks more then others but instead of dull looking skin i now have a natural glow to my face which i love. I have not tried any new shampoo or used any strengthening top coat on nails while i have been having this supplement so i can give a fair review.

Liquid Health is available direct from the website or in Boots & Holland and Barrett for £29.99 for a box of 10 x 50ml bottles.

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