My Lady Bug – August 2016

Hello Ladies, this month i tried a new subscription box called My Lady Bug which is Ireland’s first monthly period box that aims to help you through the week. You can choose from pads or tampons only, and there is also a mix of both which is a great idea with a brand selection so you get to choose what ones you recieve. The box is €9.99 (£8.45) a month or if you want to go natural cotton which is no chemicals, no synthetics and no dyes the box is €10.99 (£9.30) a month with free shipping. I love how this brand offers the natural option as not many period style boxes offer this, i chose the pads only box and couldn’t wait for this to arrive as i have heard so many great things.

So what is inside the August Box




4 Herbal Tea Bags – 2 different flavours of herbal tea one is chamomile and lavender and the other is an organic blend of flowers, perfect for period time when you need a nice hot drink to help you feel better. These are presented in a gorgeous little silk black bag which i will use to carry some pads inside for my handbag. Nice little addition, Verdict 8/10.

2 Chocolate bars – Galaxy duet and Galaxy minstrels i loved the addition of chocolate as we all know we love a bit of chocolate at that “time of the month” alongside the tea this makes a perfect little break to take in the evening before bedtime or anytime you may be feeling a little low. Verdict 10/10.

Beverly Hills Toothpaste, Sample – Not sure why toothpaste was put into the box as everything is pointing to helping you with your period and toothpaste doesn’t, either way i will use this as i am familiar with this toothpaste. Verdict 7/10.

I also received 12 pads in the parcel alongside these other goodies, which is a good amount of pads to have in a box. This parcel is loving packed all the way from Ireland, and My Lady Bug i feel is perfect for you if you want natural and organic pads, you can subscribe HERE





  1. 14th September 2016 / 4:10 pm

    Really nice! Where is this brand from?

    xx. Dani.

    • @littlemissbeautyboxes
      16th September 2016 / 3:22 pm

      Its irish but they ship to the uk

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