*New Box Alert* – Esscentual Candles “Burn Box” – August 2016

Esscentual Candles are a UK company that make amazing handmade from the Scottish borders 100% soy wax candles, in a range of gorgeous scents that you wouldn’t of heard before. They have decided to venture into making a candle box called the “Burn Box” This new box will contain three candles each month, one large and 2 smaller ones with a range of fragrances to offer for £15 + p&p but this month they are offering a 20% discount using the code AUGBLOG02 so grab one while you can.


So what is inside this months Burn Box



Morning Dew – A fantastic morning candle that contains freshly cut grass, light flower scent with an damp base note. This candle will burn clean for over 45 hours! I loved this scent..i use it in the morning and what a great wake up smell that is not over powering.


Spring Kitchen – This candle has to be my favourite, described as coffee and shortbread with a hint of orange this really smells exactly what is stated. For those who are not coffee fans like myself this only has a hint of coffee its much more of what i would describe as a warm bread smell which is out of this world. This smaller size candle burns for over 25 hours.


Love At First Light – This perfect named candle contains, rose, tuberose and patchouli for a gorgeous floral scent that i found isn’t over powering and has just enough for a nice scent in the home on a lovely day. With a burning time of over 25 hours this will bring a nice light smell that feels like i have roses growing near the window, perfect for those who love floral scents that are gentle.


I love the packaging that these candles are in…little paint pots which is such a lovely idea and something different, these candles have some brilliant names that smell just as described. I have a feeling that these will be popular as they are not synthetic scents like some candles and people are realising that soy wax is the way to burn at home as they burn clean and won’t discolour your ceilings.

Go check them out, you can buy this burn box direct from their online store HERE or by emailing them esscentualcandles@gmail.com



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