Nourish Beauty Box – January 2018

Nourish Beauty Box is an American cruelty-free, paraben free, GMO free, vegan beauty box that contains only the best beauty products each month. This box is the for ladies who are conscious of what they put into there bodies and want only the best sourced products. Every month you get 4 full sized beauty products sent direct to your door with a handy card inside that gives you details about the products included.

The best part about this box is that they offer free worldwide shipping! so if you’ve been wanting to try an American beauty box then now is your chance. Each box has a value of over $70 (£55) with the cost of the beauty box per month being $34.95 (£27.60) they also offer 3 & 6 months subscriptions.

What is inside the January box:


Nourish Nails – This colour is called “like a queen” which is a gorgeous light blue colour, this is the perfect spring blue for nails. Like I have said a lot before this nail brand lasts ages if you use a top coat, the colour stays well and is very vibrant after 2 coats. Verdict 8/10.

Seraphine Botanicals Love & Light – This highlighter in a tube is amazing! the colour you get is very vibrant and is a lovely gold colour which I will be wearing on nights out. You can wear it as bright or as a light glimmer as it is a liquid you control the density more easily. Verdict 9/10.


Peony Cosmetics Sparkling Serum – This serum matches the nail polish colour in a gorgeous blue! you simply apply using the pipette and rub the blue serum into your skin. This aims to hydrate your skin while also combatting any blemishes you may have. Verdict 8/10.

The Dirty Lamb Coffee Mask – This smells so good!!! I loved using this so much and there is enough in this pot for maybe 4 thick layers of face mask. If you have super sensitive skin you may want to give it a miss as the granules could leave you with red skin for a while but for my skin it worked like a dream. Verdict 10/10.

This November box was a great combination of skincare, nail care & makeup products…I loved it, I do like a bit of a mixture. If you have been unsure of buying this box then I think you should take a leap and buy it as you won’t regret it. This months box has a value of $111.50 (£80.45) and I have to say that this is one of my favourite months…..It is very pretty.

You can subscribe now to Nourish Beauty Box to get your March package, the boxes leave the US on the 15th using the free worldwide shipping. If you decide to get one or have had one before then let me know what you thought of it.
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