Boxie Box “Unicorn” November 2017

Boxie is a subscription box who wanted to created a box for teens 12+, every month you get at least 9 makeup, fashion, stationery and lifestyle items! you will never receive the same product twice. There will be a mixture of known brands as well as unknown brands in the box which is great, plus a handy card which tells you what is inside the box.

This box is £19.95 per month and will contain a value of at least £40 each month which is great value for money, I have had this box a few times and it never fails to impress me. Pam the owner is always available to contact if you have any queries.

What is inside the Unicorn box:


Unicorn Keyring  & Quote – My daughter loved this and has added it to her locker key for school…she liked that it said boxie and is a well made wooden keyring with burned in words. The quote plaque is lovely and is perfect little trinket gift for someone who loves unicorns. Verdict 9/10.

Sparkle Scarf – I have this scarf which is a nice gold colour…this is super soft and will keep your neck warm in winter but could also be used in the summer as a light scarf on cooler days. It is well made with cute little tassels. Verdict 8/10.

Mani-Pedi Kit – Who doesn’t love a good set of nails all freshly painted…using these helped to separate your toes and buff those nails to prefer for painting. These are super shiny and will make your mani pedi feel glam. Verdict 8/10.

Unicorn Pencil & Notepad – My daughter has taken these for school and I don’t blame her…how cute are they! we all love unicorns in this house and kids love writing little notes down. The pages inside the notepad are blank so perfect for lists or doodling. Verdict 10/10.

Unicorn Makeup Brush & Glitter – These are so cute and go really well together, the brush looks like a unicorn horn and is so pretty! it picks up the glitter out of the pot so easy and applies so well. I applied the glitter to my eyelids after using cosmetic glue first and the outcome was amazing. Verdict 10/10.

Saffron Nail Polish – I love my nail polishes and this cute blue colour is right up my street, I will be saving this for summer as I used reds this time of year but I had a cheeky quick paint of my daughters nails and this lasted the weekend with no chips. Verdict 9/10.

Unicorn Rubber Duck & Rainbow Drops – If you don’t love these then who are you!! unicorn rubber toy is in the bathroom where it should be for the kids to use, however the rainbow drops lasted 2 seconds lol!!! I loved these little additions which is what makes the box different by adding some lovely small items. Verdict 8/10.

Iridescent Lip Topper – This is gorgeous! it’s a clear lipgloss that has glitter inside it, you can wear this on it’s own or over a lipstick or lip gloss. I tried this for a day over a red lipstick and it was so glittery and gorgeous and lasted for around 3 hours before I had to top it up. Verdict 8/10.

Collection Eyeliner – While green isn’t my first choice of eyeliner I could see teens wearing this especially for Christmas, I haven’t tried this as I have green eyes and It would clash. Verdict 6/10.

I have really enjoyed this box and I cannot believe how many products are inside! I love the mixture of lifestyle and makeup which makes this box really enjoyable to receive. I love the instagram page which is full of gorgeous inspirational quotes…Pam has created this confidence in a box.

This November box is worth over £40.00 which is fantastic, you can also subscribe to the  box for 3,6 & 12 month subscriptions. Boxie has a new website launching in January which you can check out here
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