Mani & Lola – Pre Launch Box Review

I was approached to review a pre launch box for the new Mani & Lola box that is due out in november, every month they will send out a box full of special treats for your nails to keep them beautiful month after month. Inside each box will be 5-6 nail products from the latest collections from brands such as OPI, CND, Zoya, Essie, Butter London and more… at least 3 will be full sized nail polishes.

The press box I am reviewing is different from the first box that will be available very shortly, this is just a sample of what can be inside your boxes, the RRP of the pre launch box is £60.00 with a starting price of £20.00 per month for a box this is great value! Mani & Lola also offer a 3 month pre pay for £18.00 per month, 6 months for £16.00 and £14.00 for 12 months.

What is inside the pre launch box

Essie Good To Go  – This top coat is really good as it will dry your polish super fast and act as a top coat at the same time, i hate it when you have to wait for your polish to dry but with this it gets rid of that waiting time. I found this worked really well for me when I used 2 coats of this on my nails… it stopped the polish chipping and lengthened my wear of polish by an extra 5 days, plus it gives a high shine effect to the polish.  Verdict 10/10.

Zoya Presley Polish – I wouldn’t normally have picked this colour for myself but it looks so much better once your wearing it on your nails, it is a dark dusky pink colour which darkens slightly after 2 coats. Using this polish with the top coat makes them last nearly 2 weeks! I haven’t tried Zoya polish before but Im glad I did as this brand is also free from chemicals. Verdict 8/10.

OPI Less Is Norse Polish – Now this is a colour I normally go for and it is gorgeous when wearing this… especially for autumn, I do love a dark nail. This colour is a dark navy but looks almost dark grey in certain light, but either way it is beautiful. OPI are a brand I have heard of before and they have a huge range of colour available…pair this with the essie top coat and this again lasts for around 10-11 days. Verdict 9/10.

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener – I needed this so badly… my nails are brittle and when they grow a certain length they just break off. This nail strengthener hopefully means that I can grow my nails longer then normal, I have used this a couple of times in between nail polish to keep my nails strong.

This clear coat also stops splitting, cracking and peeling of your nail keeping them healthy with shine, OPI states that you apply 2 coats then one coat every other day. If you want to grow natural long nails then I would use this for a month or so… It hasn’t been that long for me using this but after a few days it is so far so good. Verdict 9/10.

Jessica Phenomen Oil – Nail care at it’s best…this oil will care for your nails and cuticles by simply rubbing this oil into each nail every other day to keep them in tip top condition and avoid unsightly cuticles. Easy to use this little bottle will last you ages and 1 drop will be enough per nail to use, then let them dry before painting your nails. Verdict 7/10.

Mani & Lola Nail File & Swatch Sticks – I love the personalised Mani & Lola nail file which was a lovely touch to the box, the nail swatches I didn’t use as I painted the colours on straightaway..but they will come in handy for future colours I’m unsure about. Verdict 6/10.

I enjoyed this subscription box as it is nice to have a box just for nails, every month your nails will look amazing with new exciting colours to choose from. I love the addition of nail strengthener and the oil as these are something I need as I have brittle nails and struggle to grow them, they have worked wonders for me and the colours of the polish are perfect too and lasted ages.

If you would like to subscribe for yourself or as a gift for an upcoming birthday or Christmas then you can do that here.

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