SPlus Sleep Tracker By Resmed

I don’t normally review products like this however I have sleep problems and I couldn’t wait to see if this would help me! This SPlus sleep tracker which monitors your sleep tells you how much you have had in light sleep, deep sleep and REM. The Splus works by tracking your upper body movement while you sleep like your breathing, movement while sleeping like rolling over and twitches…the software algorithm recognises all these together to reliably assess your sleep.

The SPlus comes with the frame, the sleep tracker, adapter plug and cable so you can set this up straight away and it is so easy to use, pictures below will show you the size which will stand nicely on most bedside tables.


There is an app for your phone which connects via bluetooth to the SPlus which you input your details and start the tracker just before you go to bed, the SPlus then sends the details to the app which you can view in the morning when you wake up. This is a screenshot from the app below…


As you can see it takes me ages to fall alseep and most of my 6hrs 22mins is light sleep so this is why I feel rubbish every day and I desperately want to improve my sleep so I can function for my children better.

More Info About Resmed

Resmed have been a leader in the sleep and respiratory world for over 25 years and want to help you improve your sleep, the app sends you tips on how to improve your sleep or if your sleep is good then it tells you that what your doing is correct like my screenshots below.

This contactless sleep system will even record the light, noise and temperature of your bedroom and will let you know if any of these need to be improved too…the Splus also does the following:

  • Mind clear  jot down what is on your mind before you sleep or if you wake up.
  • Smart alarm gently wakes you up from light sleep so you will feel more refreshed.
  • Sleep score so you can see any improvements you make in your sleep.

My Personal Thoughts

I used this for 3 weeks with improvements in my sleep following the tips sent to me via the app, I started off with a score in the 70s and ended up in the 90s following a better sleep routine, less computer time before bed, no fizzy drinks or caffeine, more exercise. I have always had problems sleeping and staying asleep so using this SPlus and my roll on sleep lavender oil that you use on your temples to help aid falling asleep has really helped me as you can see here.

My son has sleep issues related to his autism and we see a leading specialist at Southampton hospital who I mentioned to her that I was using the SPlus and she did state that Resmed are very reliable and they actually would advocate the use of Resmed products which is good to know.

The Splus isn’t cheap but for £129.95 from John Lewis you can have a sleep tracker that if you want better sleep if your tired all the time from a rubbish night…I personally think this is worth the cost which for the technology it has isn’t that expensive. It has helped improve my sleep and with having kids I need a good night to feel refreshed so I can cope with the day, I will be using this on my children and fiancé too.

Let me know if you have tried this or if your thinking of buying the SPlus let me know how you get on.

Thanks for reading


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