Lee Stafford Air Dry Haircare, with Straighteners & Rainbow Shine Wand Review

I have wanted to try some Lee Stafford products for ages…I’ve heard so many good things about them, he does a huge range of amazing pink tubed shampoo, conditioners, hair masks as well as hairdryers, straighteners etc… I love the huge range of products he has which you can find here as you can see there is something for everyone.

The Lee Stafford products I wanted to try are haircare that can tame flyaway hair wether it is air dried or blow dried, in the winter my hair can be static too! I also tried the straighteners as I have GHDs but wanted something cordless for use elsewhere and ease of use.

Air Dry Cream Lite – This cream you can use after washing, just use a small amount and rub into the lengths of your hair to leave in and style. This cream protects your hair from heat styling so you can use this for a blow dry and an air dry without damage, flyaway/frizzy hair will be tamed.

I personally loved the scent of this cream and the consistency… you don’t need to use a lot but run this through your hair and the flyaway strands will be gone, the downside for me is that my thin hair seemed to be too thin to use this cream which left my hair greasy and lifeless. I think this cream is a little bit too heavy even using a small amount for thin hair, which is a shame… if you have had the same problem then try a different product as there is always one to suit.

Air Dry Foam – As I spoke above if one product doesn’t work for you then try another… this foam worked so much better for me as it is lighter and you rub in 2 pumps of this upside down in your hair. This foam creates a bit of volume while taming flyaway strands… I have used this after every time I’ve washed my hair, for thin hair this is the product you want.

Lee Stafford says to use this and blast your hairdryer for more volume after using the foam, I have noticed a difference and I much prefer foam to the cream.



No Strings Attached Cordless Straighteners – I have been an avid GHD user for the last 6 years but the cord in my house can be annoying and when on holiday too, I have seen a lot of cordless straighteners over the years but thought I would give these a go.

They plug in with a charging pod that they sit in for optimum heat then you simply take them off the pod and use them as they cool down which will mean less damage from heat to your hair, you can use these corded too if you prefer. If your hair is thick I would say that you probably can’t use them cordless as 15 mins to retain heat is enough for my thin hair but thick hair would need them corded.

I love that they come with a heat mat and bag to keep everything inside neatly for storage plus the straighteners being hot pink helps too 🙂

Features are:

Ceramic plates

Retains heat for 15 mins for fine hair

2 in 1 corded or cordless

Rainbow Wand Hair Curler – I have always had the thin curlers that leave victorian style curls that I don’t really want but this gorgeous looking rainbow wand is a chunky 25mm and leaves you with big beach curls in your hair, you can either curl the full length of your hair or just the ends.


There is no clip with this wand you simply just wrap your hair around then let go, this is fine if you have long hair but on my shorter hair I found it more difficult to do this…It curled most of my hair rather then just the ends.

I have tried this wand several times and each time I got better using this…it is just tricky with short hair but you soon start getting the hang of it. It did create big beach waves in my hair which I loved,  I didn’t use the heat protection glove as I found it ok to hold the ends of my hair for a little while without my hand being hot but the option is there.

Features are:

Heats up to 220c

3m swivel cord

Includes heat protection glove

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