Color Curate (Formally Known As Lip Love)

Lip Love changed it’s name to Color Curate this is an American beauty subscription bag from So Susan which is Cruelty-free, Paraben free, Vegan bag that contains fantastic beauty products each month. Every month you get 4 full sized beauty products sent direct to your door with a handy card inside that gives you details about the products included, the products arrive in a good quality makeup bag that you can use.

The best part about this bag is that they ship to the UK, it’s fantastic to try some American brands! so if you’ve been wanting to try American beauty products then now is your chance. This month’s bag has a value of over $119 (£92.70) with the cost of the beauty bag per month being $20.95 (£16.82) they also offer 3 & 6 months prepay subscriptions.

What is inside this months bag


Elements Of Aliel Love Cleanser – I will be honest and say I haven’t tried this as it stinks so bad  I couldn’t bring myself to put this on my face…I think it is the black African soap that smells. This is a cleanser that looks like thick black tar that you put on to cleanse your skin, apparently this will nourish your skin and help your pores too. If you have tried this before then let me know your thoughts. Verdict 5/10.

Universal Blush – This blusher is gorgeous and it blends well on your skin so you can have a light colouring or a more dark pink depending on your skin tone, this also is illuminating so will shimmer on your skin. It is made with Apple extract and copper peptide to nourish/repair your skin, this is cruelty free and vegan friendly so you know this isn’t made with any nasties. I personally love how this blended into my skin giving me what looks like a natural flush so I have that healthy look in even the most coldest winter days. Verdict 9/10.

Eye Smolder Gel Liner – I have had this in a box before but cannot think which one, however it is a good eye liner…as it is a gel the line is very dark and precise. You can get super close to your eyes with this and create that winged look so easy when it is a gel. This is also cruelty free and vegan friendly…this has been made using tomato seed oil and cantaloupe extract with no mineral oils. Verdict 8/10.

Trifle Cosmetics Cream Bar – I already have a cream bar in pink which is amazing to use, I love using crayons as the colour just glides on so easy. This colour is a dark red so it is suitable for autumn, making sure you haven’t got any dry skin on your lips this will smooth on for a flawless look that lasts for the whole day. Using almond oil to hydrate and nourish your lips makes this lip crayon amazing to use not just for the colour. Verdict 10/10.

This months bag was a great month again! I loved the theme of the bag. If you have been unsure of buying this bag then I think you should take a leap and buy it as you won’t regret it, the makeup bag is gorgeous and I use these bags for my weekends away.

You can subscribe to Color Curate to get your November bag but dont forget you can order past bags too incase you missed out on a great month…if you decide to get one use code MISSBEAUTYBOX1 for a free bag on a 6 month subscription.

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