Make-Up Dupes With Beauty Base

I received some products I chose from Beauty Base to try against my own personal higher end branded products to see how they compare, these are as close to the same shades and product for as close comparison as possible. Everyone wants a great product for a good price so by taking up this challenge I want to show my honest opinion on these that could potentially save you cash!

I will be doing detailed reviews on all the products and how they compare with photos to so you can see how they look as well as read how they have worked for me. So lets get started…below are the products I have compared and you can click on the pink links to take you to the Beauty Base website for more info.

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in King K $18.00 (13.64) VS Milani Amore Metallic Lip Creme in Chromattic Addict £8.95

I love my Kylie Cosmetics King K lip cream as you can use it as a metallic lip topper or on it’s own for a dramatic effect for a shimmer night time look, it lasts for hours and hours without topping up the gold colour and it doesn’t dry out your lips at all.

When I saw the Milani Amore metallic range had a colour that looked identical I knew I had to have it as the price was cheaper and with no customs charges as this is sold in the UK. When it arrived I compared them instantly…the packaging didn’t look cheap on the Milani and when I swatched the colours together there is a subtle difference but that didn’t bother me…see the pic below.

Both the wands are very similar for application with both lipsticks having that same gorgeous scent and a formula that glides on and stays put without drying your lips, the look of them is so similar no one would notice. For me personally I would save myself £4.00 with no customs charge and use the Milani metallic lipstick….I have always been sceptical of using cheaper products that look the same as high end brands but I have been converted.


Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base Foundation £25.00 VS Milani Conceal & Perfect Foundation £12.95

I have the cool fair Joan Collins foundation which I love and have used for months as I finally found the right shade for me, it has a thicker consistency but with good coverage for a perfect base before applying your setting powder and makeup. The bottle has a pump action so you can take out exactly how much you need with the packaging looking stylish and high end, this foundation also contains hyaluronic acid for that flawless effect.

I chose the Milani Conceal & Perfect foundation in colour light neutral to test out against my Joan Collins foundation and I found that this Milani created a great base for me, it covered my spots and gave me a flawless look for day and night wear. The bottle is a pump action for easy use and looks stylish…although not as stylish as the Joan Collins one but when the price is cheaper but does the same thing does the packaging really matter?

As you can see there is a slight difference in colour and a difference in consistency…for me I prefer the more watery Milani foundation as that gave me a less cakey look and went on easier, however if you prefer a thicker consistency then I would go for the Joan Collins one for an extra £12.00.


Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara £18.50 VS L.A Girl Flashy Big Bold Mascara £6.99

My go to mascara has for such a long time been the bad gal lash from benefit as the wand has a large rounded head with lots of tiny spikes that pick up the product and give you striking huge lashes, this is also one of the only mascaras that doesn’t cause me to have panda eyes.

I decided to try L.A girl mascara as the head looked similar to the bad lash gal by creating big bold lashes, there is a slight difference as you can see in the picture of the wand head but they both create a striking look on your lashes..however the L.A girl one does leave them clumpy.

There is huge difference in price and I really wanted this to work but sadly I think for me I prefer my benefit mascara, I had slight panda eyes using the L.A girl but love the look of the wand…it is a shame. I need a trusty mascara that is reliable but if you want to try out this L.A girl then do give it a whirl as it may be ok for you…I just don’t like the clumpy look.


I have loved comparing products from Beauty Base to my own named products to see how they fair…hopefully you can see what I have enjoyed and haven’t and head to Beauty Base to see if you can find some products that rival an expensive one you have at home. I will be checking out the Beauty Base website to make some further purchases myself as I have spotted some other products I would love to try.

Thanks For Reading

*The Dupe Products Were Sent For Pr Purposes*


  1. Shazzabella
    13th September 2017 / 9:09 am

    I loved reading this missus. Will look forward to your next lot of comparisons. I’ve read good things about Milani products might need to invest to try things out myself xx

    • @littlemissbeautyboxes
      13th September 2017 / 9:36 am

      thanks for reading hunny, I was surprised most at the milani lippy being the same as kylie cosmetics! i defo will be buying more from beauty base….especially as i want to save some cash for my wedding lol xxxx

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