Nourish Beauty Box – August 2017

Nourish Beauty Box is an American cruelty-free, paraben free, GMO free, vegan beauty box that contains only the best beauty products each month. This box is the for ladies who are conscious of what they put into there bodies and want only the best sourced products. Every month you get 4 full sized beauty products sent direct to your door with a handy card inside that gives you details about the products included.

The best part about this box is that they offer free worldwide shipping! so if you’ve been wanting to try an American beauty box then now is your chance. Each box has a value of over $70 (£55) with the cost of the beauty box per month being $34.95 (£27.60) they also offer 3 & 6 months subscriptions.

What is inside the August box:


Nourish Nails Nail Polish – I love this polish every month and I have now built up quite a collection of these pretty nail polishes that don’t chip especially when wearing a top coat. These vegan friendly polishes will give you a great colour for day or night, this blue colour is called breathe & let go and it will give you a colour that will match most outfits. Verdict 9/10.

Seraphine Botanicals Sea & Sun Bronzer – This bronzer has 2 shades one is darker then the other so you can contour your face or simply select one that better suits your skin tone, this bronzer is packed full of shimmer perfect for day and night. I loved the lighter colour and I dusted this on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin for a subtle glow. Verdict 8/10.

Peony Cosmetics Blemish Zapper – This watery cream smells horrendous however…..despite it going on like calamine lotion where you need to pour it onto a cotton pad then dab on to your skin, this works really well! Your left with a white smelly substance on your face but by the morning when I wiped it off my spots had dried up..this is so quick. I currently have so many spots on my chin (Thanks to PCOS) and having now dried them up they are easier to use spot serum afterwards to help them go completely. Verdict 9/10.

Thistle Absorb Face – I don’t suffer from an oily face at all but I decided to try this anyway and the results were that my foundation did go on a little better as the very top of my forehead is oily as the powder showed me. You simply use a fan brush to lightly dust it on and if the powder kind of “soaks in” it will mattify your face so your foundation is easier to apply or you simply want rid of the shiny face look….either way this works well. Verdict 8/10.

This August box was a great combination of skincare & makeup products…I loved it, I do like a bit of a mixture rather then all one type. If you have been unsure of buying this box then I think you should take a leap and try it. This months box has a value of $75.50 (£57.49) and I have to say that this is one of my favourite months….the blemish zapper worked wonders.

You can subscribe now to Nourish Beauty Box to get your September package, the boxes leave the US on the 15th using the free worldwide shipping. If you decide to get one or have had one before then let me know what you thought of it.

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