Thomas Michaels Apothecary Moisturiser

Thomas Michaels is a brand who produce natural and organic products that contain amazing ingredients you would want on your skin, they have a strong ethos and took 2 years to produce there first skincare range which is free from any synthetic ingredients.

This UK brand look set to take on the skincare world with some amazing products like the women’s apothecary moisturiser £25.00 which I had great pleasure of reviewing. I personally love organic and natural products on my skin, nowadays we know a lot more about skincare and all the benefits of using natural ingredients.

When I first received the moisturiser it was well packaged in a tube of straw which I thought was a cute little way of packing an item for delivery and the scent I could smell before I even opened the pot, you can really smell the essential oils which are quite powerful…I have never had a moisturiser like it. The scent is pure essential oils that feed the skin including Cinnamon, Patchouli and Mellissa with Base oils of Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Kukui Nut, Rice Bran and Natural Vitamin E, all these are amazing together not just scent wise but for your skin too.

I only had to use a small amount on my face and neck day and night and after a week my skin was softer and brighter followed by 2 weeks of use hardly having to use any concealer as my skin has been clear and bright, I have had a lot of comments on the scent from friends who are intrigued to see more of this brand.

The moisturiser benefits are that it will help to soothe dry skin and heal any light wounds while the olive oil can help to unclog pores, the squalene helps with excess oil production so any acne or eczema will be soothed by this cream creating more elasticity for a youthful appearance.

Having never heard of them before I can see they are going to be popular with not only creating a women’s moisturiser but they have also created a mens moisturiser and some apothecary soaps so you can have your whole body covered with some amazing ingredients designed to look after your skin. If you want to try some Thomas Michaels products they have a shop available for purchasing on the links provided.

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  1. 18th July 2017 / 9:55 pm

    Thanks for sharing as i had not heard of the brand, and I loved the look of the creams texture on your stories! Some really good ingredients for skin and I bet it smells amazing, plus squalene is so moisturising.
    Will have to check them out Hanna.
    H x

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