The Little Bit Lavish Bi-monthly “Serene Queen” Box – April 2017

Little Bit Lavish is a UK subscription box that ships worldwide! Bi-monthly you receive 5-7 beauty products to pamper yourself with and some lovely little lifestyle treats too, perfect to unwind after a hectic day. You will receive some beauty, skincare and makeup products and a lifestyle item but each box is a surprise.

The boxes contain organic natural products and are also cruelty free, every 2 month’s there will be a different theme to the box which is a great idea. Bi-monthly subscription is £35.00 and I love that they ship worldwide the cost to Europe is £6 the rest of the world is £10. This months theme is serene queen with products designed to pamper you and help you feel relaxed.

What is inside the April Little Bit lavish box:


Soapstone Oil Burner – I love this gorgeous burner which is a beautiful soapstone with natural colours all entwined across the burner, this comes with the oil and a little tea light so your ready to use this straight away. This would suit most home decor and will create a little light on a table and will relax you of an evening. Verdict 9/10.

Made By Zen SPA Oil – This is the oil that matches the burner, this will relax you after a long day…maybe even place this in the bedroom to help relax before bedtime. it really smells lovely and at first you think it isn’t going to work but slowly you feel relaxed and as you unwind, I could feel myself drifting off. Add 3-5 drops of this oil with a few drops of water. Verdict 9/10.

Willow England Body Balm – This is a brand I haven’t heard of before but wow this body balm is amazing, it left my skin super soft after my bath and contains all natural ingredients so its perfect for sensitive skin. This balm contains collagen and red snow algae which I haven’t come across before but the thick balm smells amazing. Verdict 8/10.

Back 2 Natural Sugar Scrub – Back 2 Natural are a brand which I know well after having some of their other products I was super excited to see them in this box. The sugar scrub bar is amazing to use in the shower, a simple rub over your body will create super soft skin ready for the summer, this is only for your body as it is too rough for the face. Use code LBLAVISH15 for 15% off an order with Back 2 Natural. Verdict 9/10. 

The Herb Garden Massage Candle – I already have a large massage candle but this mini one is so cute and perfect for taking with you when you go away on holiday. You simply light the candle to melt it then use the melted product for a massage, it is such a great idea and you can use the code FIRST10 for 10% off if you want one or fancy another. Verdict 8/10.

Fitzjohn Skin brightener – I was recently looking at skin brighteners as I felt I could do with a little glow so I was very pleased to see this inside the box, it smells almost minty and has very small beads in the cream as you rub into your skin. This product can also be used as a mask but you will need quite a large amount. I have felt that this cream worked well for me and I will be purchasing a full size version. Verdict 9/10.

I loved this first bi-monthly box which also contained a chocolate bunny and a pawprint, as this came out around easter time. I feel personally that this bi-monthly box is so much better then the previous monthly ones as you get more products inside. The quality of the products inside are amazing, I can say that I have used almost everything in the box…the chocolate went first!

The Little Bit Lavish box which is always well presented and well packaged with such great products, some that I had not heard of before. Don’t forget in the shop you can order previous boxes too if there was something you saw and really wanted you can still get the box. My favourites from this months serene queen have to be the sugar scrub and the body balm.

Go subscribe ready for the next box in June and use my discount code for 10% off your first box LAVISHLMBB
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