By Laura – Wedding Candles Review

As you may know I got engaged in December 2016 so I’m currently planning a wedding and finding all sorts of fantastic wedding items, Starting with By Laura London are gorgeous candles that are from the UK made by Laura who only uses the best natural soy wax and essential oils in the candles. The combination of the correct scent and wick ensures better burning with the signature candles being around 50 hours burn time, for best results you can burn your candle for an hour and a half on the first burn then trim the wick before lighting again.

I was lucky enough to win my first By Laura candle which was called wedding morning RRP £20, a gorgeous candle which arrived well packaged in a lovely box with tissue paper…you can smell the candle through the box before I even opened it! The candle itself is in a glass jar with a clear bottom and a lovely label to tell you what scent the candle is.

The wedding morning scent is base notes of jasmine & rose this will relax you whilst you get ready, add to that the scents of Eucalyptus & Spearmint & you’ll be cool, calm & collected before your wedding. The scent throw is amazing and it can scent out a few rooms with a lovely light airy smell that is perfect for a morning.


The second wedding candle is called wedding evening RRP £20, which again has a strong scent throw that easily scented out the whole downstairs of my home! this is a perfect evening scent which is amber & bergamot which adds a citrus lift to an already woody & spicy scent. This was also well packaged in a neat little box with tissue paper, I also love the glass jars as it has a high end feel. Both Candles were designed in conjunction with So Your Getting Married.

I would highly recommend By Laura candles, they are a fantastic price for a well scented candle, she has a huge range of candles available like lavender and orange blossom, green tea and spearmint. Laura can also create a personalised scent and name for your candle which is something I will be looking into for myself.

I have managed to pick a favourite out of the two and for me its the wedding evening as I love a spicy, woody scent.

Thanks for reading

*One candle I won in a wedding competition and the other candle I was given to review, this does not change my honest opinion.

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