Artemis & Xena “Love Yourself” – February 2017

Artemis & Xena is a subscription box that aims to empower and inspire young women and teenage girls, they want to spread positivity and help you look after yourself and your wellbeing. Ani set up Artemis & Xena as she herself as a young woman struggled with her mental well-being so she wanted to help other young women.

Artemis & Xena are two powerful women in the mythology world, one was brave and strong and the other was a protector of young girls which fits the box theme. What will be included in the box is some: lifestyle, makeup, things to make, to empower you and activities.

So what is inside the February Artemis & Xena box:


4 Mini Aromatherapy Glitter Hearts  – These were made by Dreamybath on etsy, they are vegan friendly and cruelty free. I found that they smell amazing and leave your bath full of purple glitter which is so pretty, I really loved this addition to the box. Verdict 9/10.

4 Heart Shaped Dollys Candles Wax Melts – If you have read my blog before you will know I’m a huge dollys fan and I was so excited to see these in the box. The scent is love spell which smells slightly different in the packet to when melted, it has a slight minty smell thats amazing and scents out the whole room. Verdict 9/10.

Cupcake Patch – This patch is so cute and well made, this iron on patch will be going on my daughters backpack for school…she grabbed it as soon as I opened the box. You simply just heat up an iron and press this on to the patch to whatever you want the patch to stick to and hey presto! Verdict 8/10.

Bracelet Kit – My daughter grabbed the little bag full of beads and string for herself…or so I thought until she made a bracelet and had put it in my card for mothers day which is amazing. I have taken a picture below of the bracelet she made, I will be wearing this most days…the string is durable to last and elastic also. Verdict 10/10.

Pukka Love Tea – I am not a huge fan if this type of herbal tea but I know friends who love this and swear by this brand, so sweet that it is presented in a little bag.  I haven’t tried this but I know just the person who loves tea… Littlelottiecakes 🙂

Mindfulness Colouring – The colouring is a great idea…these will add to the pages of colouring from last month or if you didn’t receive last month then they will be great for you to try and relax. My fiancé likes colouring and finds it relaxing too. Verdict 10/10.

Earrings – I loved the earrings as they are a cute droplets with a heart and are a perfect silver colour, these are in my jewellery box and have been worn a few times already. Nice for a casual look but you can also dress them up. Verdict 9/10.

Necklace – The ying yang is fantastic and I love what it all stands for, this is a steampunk type necklace which makes this very current for fashion. All ages would love this…young or older would appreciate this gorgeous necklace. Verdict 8/10.

Temporary Tattoos – Metallic stick on tattoos are perfect for a night out or to look glitzy in the summer when swimming, I think everyone in my house has shown an interest in these but we are waiting till summer to use these. I love the quirky designs, the colour really makes them look pretty. Verdict 9/10.

2 Nail Art Packs – I know some people received different, but I received white nail art strips with minnie mouse nail wraps. Both of these will get used, I am a huge fan of nail wraps so I can’t wait to unleash my inner child and rock my minnie mouse wraps. Verdict 8/10.

Sweet Treats – The gorgeous red chocolate heartland mini pack of love hearts were gorgeous to eat, of course my daughter ate some too and they were polished off within 1 hour of opening the box. Verdict 10/10.

Beauty Blender – I don’t have a heart shaped blender, I go through a lot of blenders too so having another is a great addition. The heart shape is very pretty but the rounded sides make for easy under eye concealer application. Verdict 10/10.

Extras – The mindfulness cards, butterfly stickers, keyring, postcard and other bits are fab extras to receive, I love that this box contains so many goodies…it is the largest subscription box I receive. Verdict 9/10.

Loads of goodies are inside each box…it’s one of the most full subscription boxes around! I personally love the beads to make a bracelet and the cupcake patch was so cute! This truly is a box where you get a lot for your money…so go check it out and relax and enjoy when your box arrives.
Check out the website Artemis & Xena to subscribe to the next box, use the discount code HANNA15 for a 15% discount off a one off box or 3 month subscription.
Thanks for reading

*This box was sent for review purposes but does not change my honest opinion.


  1. 31st March 2017 / 9:23 pm

    Thank you for another lovely and detailed review Hanna 😀

    Glad you liked it!! xx

    • @littlemissbeautyboxes
      3rd April 2017 / 9:26 am

      your welcome, i really loved this month so much


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