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Moonlight Melts are a soy wax business who make amazing melts that smell gorgeous and will scent out any home, the wax Jo uses is vegan friendly too so you can be sure your getting a high quality product. Jo has an Etsy shop where you can purchase her amazing creations such as Lavender Vanilla Cubes, Vanilla Sugar stars and Cinnamon Crunch. The wax melts also arrived well packaged in separate bags with notes about each scent which is very helpful.

What I thought about Moonlight Melts

Caribbean Coconut – I love coconut and these didn’t disappoint, a gorgeous scent filled the whole downstairs of my home…quite a powerful scent which is what you want. I only used 2 hearts in the burner so still have plenty left, I haven’t stopped having this scent on for 2 days! Verdict 10/10.

Sex On The Beach – This is a gorgeous cocktail scent which again is quite powerful and will scent out the room easily, using 2 hearts again this I feel is the perfect amount for the scent to travel. I love this scent so much as its a nice summery scent that I know I will be using more when spring arrives. Verdict 9/10.

Orange Dreamsicle – The scent didn’t smell potent in the bag but I used 2 stars and it scent out the whole room..its a lovely orange smell that isn’t too sickly, a real summer scent this will brighten your mood. I didn’t think I would like this scent as much as the other two but its amazing. Verdict 9/10.

These wax melts are gorgeous and I will be purchasing some for myself as I fancy trying quite a few of Jo’s scents! so head to her Etsy store and you will not be disappointed by moonlight melts…these cute little melts pack a punch with scent, try them for yourself. Jo will also be starting to make candles very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. 15th April 2017 / 10:36 pm

    oooh these wax melts look amazing ?

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