Vertue Box….Clean, Green and cruelty-free – February 2017

Vertue box is a clean, green and cruelty-free health and beauty subscription box that has been set up by a former makeup artist, who after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, started to lead a healthier, greener lifestyle that we could all benefit from. They choose the most ethical and natural brands without forgetting the packaging also.

You can sign up for a mini bi-monthly box subscription at £18 per month which contains 3-5 products or you can select the large bi-monthly original box at £30 per month with 5-7 products inside each month with choice again for a longer subscription over 3 month period or more.

So what is inside the February Box

Innermost Health Shakes – I loved this addition of a chocolate protein shake and a vanilla immune health shake in this months box, shakes are quite popular at the moment and with 2 flavours most people like these and they will help your post gym work out. Im not a huge fan of chocolate (yes you heard right!) but I love vanilla and this tastes lovely just like vanilla.

The strong one which is chocolate contains whey concentrate, isolate and casein and features high protein, low sugar, GMO free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher. The vanilla Health one contains pea and brown rice with the same features as the strong one. You simply mix these shakes with 250ml of milk or water, you can also add this to an existing smoothie. Verdict 8/10.

Made By Coopers Bath Salts – I love these bath salts as they not only make your bath and yourself smell great they also contain relaxants like Ylang Ylang and vanilla essence while also nourishing your skin using Himalayan salt, coconut oil and dead sea salt. This is suitable for sensitive skin and vegans so pour yourself a bath and unwind after a long day. I would recommend trying this range from Made By Coopers there products works wonders, I have enjoyed these salts with soft skin results. Verdict 9/10.

Maison Meunier Charcoal soapThis charcoal soap leaves your skin grey/black when using but this quickly washes off after 10/15 mins to help nourish your skin. Charcoal has benefits for your skin to help combat clogged pores and along with cocoa butters, tea tree and lavender your skin will look and smell amazing. Verdict 8/10.

Made by Coopers Sleepy Head Spray – I have been spraying this every night on my pillow, I struggle to fall asleep so this has been helping, I use a temple balm too but this smells of gorgeous lavender and I’m sure using both of the combinations helps me. I also had issues with staying asleep during the night but I have been sleeping all night which is fantastic and I feel so much brighter in the day now. This will not only aid sleep but will also help relive any anxiety, stress and depression. This spray contains Frankincense and Chamomile.  Verdict 9/10.

Konjac Sponge Co, Pink Clay – I received the lovely pink clay sponge which I have been using every day to help exfoliate my face while using a sensitive product to help give my face that glowing look. You just add water and I always scrub in circles on my face, your choice wether to use a cleanser or not but whatever you decide your skin will look amazing after using. Verdict 10/10.

Maison Meunier Coffee Scrub – I haven’t ever tried a coffee scrub before but wow what a difference it makes! I used this on my face and body and scrubbed using my hands and simply washed off in the shower. This left my skin so super soft its amazing stuff, my face and even my hard feet areas were completely soft. I made sure that after my shower I used body lotion to help my skin as it was quite red as its a hard scrub, I however love this.

The coffee used is fair trade with organic Almond oil, Virgin Coconut oil, brown sugar, Epsom salts and vitamin E, these help to detoxify and nourish the skin while pure grapefruit awakens you. This product is vegan and cruelty-free. Verdict 10/10.

I have enjoyed this  Vertue box and have been very happy to be introduced to some brands I haven’t tried yet. This is a great box packed full with lovely products for beauty and health, I love the mixture of both as beauty is on the inside as well as the outside.

Vertue also have an online shop so you can purchase more of the products that you have enjoyed from the boxes you have received. If you want to see the last Vertue Box you can read my December review.
Thanks for reading

*This box was sent for review purposes but in no way does this change my honest opinion.

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