Scent Circus *Magical Christmas Movies* Big Top Box

sc1Scent Circus are a handmade soy wax melt company that create some unique amazing melts like Unicorn Poop, ice ice baby and flamingo poop. They have also created bourbon biscuits and custard cream melts too, but not only do they look good but they smell amazing too while being eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free.

They have recently started a box of wax melts called the big top box, every month is a themed box of 6 wax melts. Last month was The Magic Of Disney which I reviewed, but this month is Christmas themed. You will also receive a coupon that comes with every order and once you have collected 10 of these you get a free melt box which a fab idea!

What is inside the Magical Christmas Movies box


Step Into Narnia – Gorgeous lion from narnia that has so much detail to the face..this is one stunning wax melt that left me quite sad to melt, the scent though is absolutely amazing! Cinnamon spice, white ginger and holly. You can really smell the ginger and cinnamon and it scents out the whole room…a very festive scent.

The Merry Muppet – Who doesn’t love kermit the frog! it was so sad to melt him but the smell is amazing…winter fruits, mint, popcorn, chocolate and candy cane. This melt is really christmassy and fills your home with such a nice scent, the fruits and mint are the most powerful.

Frozen Princess Poop – When I first smelt this out of the packet I wasn’t too keen as i found it had a sharp scent to it..once in the burner it changed completely to this vanilla citrusy smell that is really nice and perfect for this time of year, the scent is frosted cranberries, citrus, sweet vanilla.

Walking In The Air – I am so glad the snowman made an appearance as it wouldn’t be Christmas without it, this scent is quite powerful which I think may be down to the size of this melt and has notes of winter violet, peony, jasmine on a amber and sandalwood base.

WHO Stole Christmas – This melt made me laugh when I opened it as the melt has written “I hate Christmas” across the top with the grinch at the bottom, I was tempted to give this to my friend who is a grinch at Christmas hehe! This is a perfect scent for the name of this melt which contains frankincense, myrrh and black cherry.

Santa’s Buddies – These are such cute little melts that pack a punch despite being a smaller size, the little faces melting in the burner was sad to see but wow the scent is a gorgeous fruity smell with clementines, mandarins and tangerines with notes of rose and lime.

This box is a perfect Christmas themed box with gorgeous wax melts that have carefully moulded faces that not only look amazing but they also smell exactly as described on the info sheet that comes with the melts. If you want to see their melts or buy a box check out the SCENT CIRCUS website, you need to be quick as the box goes on sale the 1st of the month at 8am and they sell out in a day! The first 7 boxes get a surprise gift so keep refreshing that browser page.

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