*New Subscription Box Alert* Artemis & Xena – January 2017


Artemis & Xena is a new subscription box that aims to empower and inspire young women and teenage girls, they want to spread positivity and help you look after yourself and your wellbeing. Ani set up Artemis & Xena as she herself as a young woman struggled with her mental well-being so she wanted to help other young women.

Artemis & Xena are two powerful women in the mythology world, one was brave and strong and the other was a protector of young girls which fits the box theme. What will be included in the box is some: tea, things to empower you, relaxation, beauty treats and activities.

So what is inside the first Artemis & Xena box:


Earth Conscious Solid Deodorant – I love the lavender scent and find this deodorant works really well but you need to use a good amount for it to last all day. 10p from every purchase is donated to the marine conservation society which is fantastic. Verdict 9/10.

Collection Colour Pro Intense Lip Lacquer – I received a gorgeous light pink colour which when applied to my lips gives a gorgeous shine and lasts for hours. This has a sticky consistency at first and I would advise you to scrub your lips first as it shows any flaky skin. Verdict 7/10. 

E.L.F Essential Shimmer Colour Stick – This shimmer stick is a gorgeous colour that I used instead of my highlighter and it does the same job with creating that sparkle on all your main face points. This is a darker colour then I use for my highlighter but it blends in well to the skin. Verdict 8/10. 

The Body Shop Shower Gel – White musk has to be one of my favourites from the body shop, I know its not everyones taste but I am so happy I got this. You can never have enough white musk products. Verdict 10/10.

2 True Nail Glitter – Purple nail glitter is gorgeous especially on your nails, I used the seche vite top coat then dipped my nail into the pot and while they looked amazing….after 24 hours most of it had come off which was a shame and I used a top coat too. Verdict 4/10.

Calming Origami Colouring Book – This was a great addiction to the box, my fiancé likes colouring while I make the origami, its nice to have something to do together in an evening. I feel that most people will love this part of the box. Verdict 10/10.

DIY Dream Catcher – I loved this idea of making your own dreamcatcher, while it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be… when you put your mind to it its peaceful to sit there and take your time to make it using the instructions provided. Verdict 9/10.

Pukka Night Time Tea Bag – I am not a fan of herbal tea but I have another blogger friend who loves parcels of tea I send her…she loves her herbal teas and always says how nice they are. Verdict 7/10.

New Year booklet & Mindfulness Card & Bookmark – This booklet will keep track of your current goals is a great idea to keep positive and to motivate you whenever you are feeling down. The mindfulness card will make you chill out for a little while and relax at times of stress. The bookmark is in use already and I love that these items are made from Artemis & Xena. Verdict 10/10.

Necklace & Dream Print – The necklace is gorgeous and has a long enough chain for me which is fantastic as I always struggle with companies making small chains! I have no idea where the necklace of from but who cares when its that pretty. Verdict 10/10.

Temporary Tattoos – These are a great idea for any teen looking to add a bit of something before a night out, my little girl has already bagged these to wear during half term so they have been a winner with her. You can also use them to decorate folders which is what I normally do. Verdict 7/10.

I also love how Artemis & Xena want everyone to get involved on social media by creating a sticker sheet to show everyone that you have accomplished activities in the box.

Loads of goodies are inside each box, I was completely surprised at just how much was inside…I personally love the mindfulness sheet and the naecklace was so cute! this truly is a box where you get a lot for your money…so go check it out and relax and enjoy when your box arrives.

Check out the website Artemis & Xena to subscribe to the next box, use the discount code HANNA15 for a 15% discount off a one off box or 3 month subscription.

Thanks for reading

*This box was sent for review purposes but this doesn't affect my honest opinion at all.


  1. 1st February 2017 / 12:51 am

    Awhh thank you for your kind words.

    Love this review and your photos 😀

    Shame the nail glitter didn’t stay on. Sorry about that.
    But glad you liked the rest ^-^

    I love the style of your blog writing!

    ~ Ani

    • @littlemissbeautyboxes
      1st February 2017 / 9:44 am

      Thats ok thats not your fault, the brand will need to sort that out. I loved the box and can’t wait to see what others you bring out xxx

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