Practk Palmat Brush Cleaning Mat Review

Hello Ladies,

I was delighted to be able to review the Practk Palmat which is a brush cleaning tool to help you with that long chore of cleaning all your brushes! Its perfect to use at home or you can easily take this on holiday with you. I love how this can be used strapped to your hand to clean brushes, it also has mini plungers so that you can clean with the Palmat folded out stuck to the sink to be hands free.



Its a silicone material with different bumps to aid in cleaning your brushes and helps if you have very expensive brushes to use the softer bumps to clean. The straps to be able to wear the Palmat on your hand are adjustable so you can use this on different sized hands.


The Palmat is currently $9.95 with shipping to the UK but also Beauty Chamber and Cocktail Cosmetics are verified retailers in the UK.

I have personally loved having this Palmat as i had an egg shaped cleaner before that was hard to use and this is so much easier! I would highly recommend to try this especially with 2 years warranty as well.

Thanks for reading



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